Supplies Every Crafter Should Have

As a crafter for more than 30 years, I have a wealth of knowledge about art and crafts supplies and have noticed the recent popularity in crafting. With so many new advances in crafting technology, there are still the must-haves that every arts and crafts fan should have. These are some of supplies that should always be in your arsenal.


Rotary Cutter

rotary cutter

Designed to cut through paper, ribbon, and even tough fabric, a rotary cutter is an absolute must for nearly any project.

Craft Ruler

Having a craft ruler on hand allows you to get the perfect measurement and manage the perfect corner. Find one that comes in a set with a cutting surface.

Gridded Cutting Mat

Performing dual roles as a protective surface cover and the perfect tool for measuring and cutting, a gridded cutting mat makes any project that much easier.


Mont Marte glue

There are so many glues available that are ideal for all types of projects or for specific ones, but everyone should have clear craft glue as it is used more than most others. With so many glues to choose from, select the best type for your needs.

Glue Gun

Arguably one of the best investments ever was the glue gun I’ve had for years to use around the house for a host of projects. Always have lots of glue sticks available for bigger tasks.

Single Hole Punch

A great item to have around the house, but also perfect for crafts and just as useful for children’s school papers.



You may have several pairs in the home, but one pair should be exclusively for cutting fabric. Scissors to consider include applique, fabric, and craft scissors.

Craft Paper

Craft paper is great for a number of occasions and projects, from birthday cards to tissue paper and much more. Just about any type of paper can be craft paper, depending solely on your imagination.

Needles and Pins


You never know when a project will call for some needles and pins, which makes them always perfect to have around for embellishments or to sew a button.

Paint Brushes

Brushes are multifunctional, used for painting as well as cleaning up projects or applying glue to objects. Buy them in sets and in various shapes and sizes for the best usage.

Embroidery Floss

With some embroidery floss lying around your workstation, you can easily hem a pair of pants, sew a button, or even make a bracelet.


Micra Eyebrow Tweezers

Use tweezers to pick up small beads or pieces of paper, and also use them to hold things as they dry.

Storage System

Even a slightly organized storage system is better than none, and even a shoe box will do. Store all your arts and crafts in one convenient place and spend less time looking for pieces.


Expensive acrylic paint isn’t necessary, but any type of paint is a good idea for a quick and simple project. Start with the basic colors and work your way out.



A good set of each of these is a great way to start an arts and crafts station. Invest in the basic colors to start and keep them separated for quick use.


Double-sided, duct, masking tape, and more, it is an absolute must for almost every arts and crafts project. Use it to hold down a piece or embellish others.

Fabric/Felt Scraps

felt scraps

If you have a good sewing machine and like to sew, then some fabric scraps are always great to have around for a spur of the moment idea.

Paper Towels

To catch a spill, paper towels are ideal to have within reach when working on a project. A few rolls stashed away can possibly save a piece of art!



Anything from ribbons, lace, glitter, beads, and more are embellishments that are perfect to have on hand to adorn a piece.